ABPA is a law firm based on the long joint work experience of its founding partners.

To this experience we added the boldness and innovative capacity, characteristic of the younger lawyers, who accepted to share the renewed challenge of practicing law and legal counselling in the 21st century.

Experience, knowledge, and the ability to innovate have come together, for a law practice based on rigour and competence, with respect for timeless values, but always attentive to new times and new requirements.

ABPA is an independent firm, which privileges the quality of the services it provides, seeking for preventive action, through an effective and close accompaniment of our clients, satisfying their needs.

Therefore, we are very proud of our clients loyalty.

At ABPA we like what we do, that is why we only practice law.

At ABPA “Competence”, “Quality”, “Rigour”, “Excellence”, “Availability” and “Commitment” are not just words.

For all these reasons, ABPA is a firm recommended by the “Global Law Experts” guide, which selection criteria allow only for the appointment of one law firm per activity area in each jurisdiction. The recommendation of a firm by the “Global Law Experts” guide, which takes place after the conclusion of a strict selection process leading to an invitation to the selected firm, is an added guarantee of the quality of the services provided by ABPA, specifically acknowledged in 2018 as Labour Law Firm of the year.